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Recognized by CBS Chicago as one of the Top 5 in the city,, Karl’s Craft Soup is a homemade soup service, specializing in fresh, small-batch soups prepared thoughtfully with the best seasonal ingredients. Whether you’re an adventurous foodie, a traditional comfort-food lover, the captain of your office lunch team or anyone who appreciates the simplicity of a made-from-scratch meal, Karl’s Craft Soup delivers amazing taste in every spoonful. 
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​Hot? Cold? Vegan? Gluten-free? Based out of the River Forest Kitchen, Karl’s Craft Soup always offers a wide range of options like delicate Tomato Basil Fennel, creamy Asparagus Vichyssoise, vibrant Summer Gazpacho, smoky Pumpkin Bisque and zippy Thai Carrot & Corn. Every soup on the menu is packed with flavor – perfect for a hearty dinner or a quick lunch at the office.

Karl’s Craft Soup uses fresh produce, high-quality meats and other ingredients (like whole grains and beans) because they naturally make the soup better. Savory stocks are made with care – for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian soups. We proudly seek out the finest Midwestern growers and support our incredible local agriculture and farmers. The engaging combination of flavors, hearty taste and creative variety set Karl’s Craft Soup apart as the best soup in Chicago.

Our Chicago soup is available at select Chicago-land Farmers’ Markets and retail stores.

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